Ecuador World Vision Day Report

After Colombia, about three days later, through the voice of the Holy Spirit we headed to Quito (Ecuador).  The Lord only allowed our stay for One day. Upon our arrival to the hotel we quickly took a cab to downtown Quito, Ecuador. We cried out judgment was coming and Ecuador needs to turn to Jesus before it’s too late; thousands heard our message and dozens of people gave their hearts to Jesus Christ in the street of Quito on that day.  Sad to say, days after our departure Ecuador was hit with one of the worst earthquakes they have ever seen. Thousands were killed and millions of people were dislocated from their town and village. It is just a reminder that God does not send his servants to warn without a purpose-but we thank God for those that heard and through faith we believe that God will raise them up as harvesters for world revival.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-4-03-36-pm20160404_173357 20160404_171204 20160404_170544

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