Ecuador World Vision Day Report

After Colombia, about three days later, through the voice of the Holy Spirit we headed to Quito (Ecuador).  The Lord only allowed our stay for One day. Upon our arrival to the hotel we quickly took a cab to downtown Quito, Ecuador. We cried out judgment was coming and Ecuador needs to turn to Jesus before it’s too late; thousands heard our message and dozens of people gave their hearts to Jesus Christ in the street of Quito on that day.  Sad to say, days after our departure Ecuador was hit with one of the worst earthquakes they have ever seen. Thousands were killed and millions of people were dislocated from their town and village. It is just a reminder that God does not send his servants to warn without a purpose-but we thank God for those that heard and through faith we believe that God will raise them up as harvesters for world revival.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-4-03-36-pm20160404_173357 20160404_171204 20160404_170544

Colombia World Vision Day Report

God’s revival was received by thousands of people in Bogota, Colombia. From the time we walked on to the street of Colombia you can see the hunger in the eyes of the people for something more than a regular service. The hunger shown through their worship and praises unto God provided clear evidence that they are ready for Revival. There was revival fire in their eyes and in their worship.  All that Colombia needed is a little igniting and I believe that the message of hope which is “every believer must rise up to preach the gospel” is the missing piece that they have been longing for.

We went to the square of Bogota and upon our arrival, there was a protest taking place with thousands of people marching with signs and other instruments. We took the opportunity to march with the crowd for more than an hour; their final destination was right in front of the parliament of Colombia.  They were protesting their government and we were proclaiming deliverance through Jesus Christ. Many received the gospel of Jesus Christ on that day.

We visited three MEGA CHURCHES. The first one was not receptive. Then we went to a second Mega Church (Which was at least 10x bigger).  At the second Church we received a word from a regular member of the church; he said “Despise not the day of small things…God will complete the work”. Then GOD BROKE US THROUGH AT THE THIRD MEGA CHURCH OF 10,000 PEOPLE where we boldly and unapologetically spoke the vision to thousands of believers.  They were crying, clapping, praising, worshipping and jumping out of their seats. After service they stormed the altar for the harvesters to pray for them and to receive the vision.

God’s revival was received in the streets of Bogota as well as the Mega Churches; thousands participated and received the message to spread the gospel to every soul they come in contact with. The march to the parliament quickly turned into a march for Christ.  The Mega Churches thundered with the sound of “For God so loved the world…” (John 3:16). Through the reception of Mega churches in Colombia God started a work in South America.  20160403_16282720160403_162830